The Most Important Book Ever Written About The Tribulation - Bar None. 

  • Now Read In More Than 40 Countries
  • Opens The 'Sealed Book' Of Daniel 12:4 Just As Prophesied
  • Reveals What No Theologian, Pastor Or Biblical Scholar Has Ever Known

Discover The Shocking Truth Hidden From The World...Just As Foretold.

Get Ready For The Journey Of A Lifetime

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Here Is Just Some Of The Powerful, Never-Before-Seen Information You Will Learn From This Book...

A True Secret Bible Cipher Discovered

Dr. Scott McQuate has discovered a cipher hidden in the Bible written in Cuneiform; the oldest written language known to man. This code has never been known before now and Dr. McQuate has proven that it is the key to unlocking 'The Book' of Daniel, just as prophesied.

Shocking Events Of Eden

The shocking truth about the location, events and characters of the Garden in Eden and its connection to the Tribulation has been concealed from the foundation of the world.  You will be blown away when you learn the truth that the world has never known about Eden...until now.

Code Of The Ark Of The Covenant

This mind-blowing information alone will take your understanding of the Bible to a whole new level. The extraordinary truth about what was actually placed into the Ark, who really put it there, its real purpose and where it can be found will blow your mind.

Forbidden Secrets Of The Pyramid

Unbeknownst to scholars and theologians, the Great Pyramid is not only secretly mentioned in the Bible, but will also play an integral role during the Great Tribulation. Dr. McQuate will share this extraordinary discovery with you and how the Pyramid's purpose was secretly revealed by Christ.

But That Is Only The Beginning...

The Dire Truth Of The Fire Of Molech

You may want to have a pillow ready when you learn the truth of the fire of Molech and its connection to the Tribulation, because your jaw just might hit the floor. This is one of the best-kept secrets of the powers-that-be and one that Dr. McQuate has finally exposed.

Role Of UFO's And Orbs Unveiled

Until the research of Dr. Scott McQuate, theologians and scholars had no idea that the Bible contained shrouded references to UFO's and Orbs; and as Dr. McQuate proves, this is especially true within the parables that Jesus told regarding the Tribulation.

Crucial End Times Secrets Of DNA

For thousands of years, the secret link between the Great Tribulation and DNA has been intentionally concealed. Dr. McQuate's research unveils one of the most extraordinary mysteries of all time, revealing an all-important key to humanity's spiritual freedom.

Wormwood And The Soul

Discover the all-important truth about the star known as Wormwood in the book of Revelation. Dr. Scott McQuate uncovers its secret purpose from beneath the pages of the Bible for the very first time in history and exposes its connection to the Mark of the Beast.

And That's Not All.
Discover Even More Never-Before-Seen Truth About The Tribulation...

The Real Meaning...

of the word 'Tribulation' and what all-important truth it hides.

The Identity of an Ancient Creature...

spoken of in the Bible whose genetics are connected to human DNA and the secret remedy for that sin.

The Ancient Clues Left Behind...

about the Tribulation by the Sumerians, Greeks, Hebrews and others that have been intentionally concealed.

The Secret Connection...

between the mysterious Egyptian Djedd Pillar and the Millstone of Revelation that is said to destroy Babylon.

The Secret of a Stone Hive...

recently discovered in Africa and its concealed connection to an all-important rose hidden in the Bible.

The Secret Event...

that will soon take place that can endanger your very soul if you are caught unaware.

And Much, Much More!
Order Your Copy Below And Learn The Secret Ancient Truth About The Tribulation And Many Related Topics That Has Been Hidden From The World Until Now...Just As Foretold.

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Into The Truth!

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Reader Testimonials

"The most fascinating, jaw-dropping book ever written on the subject of the Tribulation. Prepare to learn what you've never known."
- Steven H. - PhD., ThD., Pastor of 27 years.

"I feel so blessed to have this kind of high-quality information to help me understand the last days. I've read many other books from our local Christian book store over the years (probably 100 or more) and they don't even compare to the indepth information the author of The Tribulation offers."
 - Anna from Tennessee

"Such a fantastic book and it blows away anything else I've read by LaHaye or other writers on similar subjects. McQuate has done an outstanding job. I wish they would make a movie out of his content. Anyone who wants a clearer picture on the End Times need to read this book."
- Bill A. from Montreal

"I have a fairly sizable library of prophecy, end time, biblical books (probably more than 1000 total) and this book leaves them in the dust. This man Dr. Scott McQuate obviously has an anointing to uncover and teach the truth. Get the book and read it. It's going to fill that empty space inside of you that longs for the truth."
 - Maestro V from Virginia

"I put off buying this book for about 6 months for one reason or another and missed out on one of the most amazing reads ever. This is an electrifying treatise on the Tribulation and if I had known how good it was I would not have waited. (I also think it would be very cool and very possible to make a movie based on the book. It would very likely crush the Left Behind movies IMHO.)"
- Brian Johnson, Sacramento, CA

"I expected another 'decent' book on the end times, but never anything of this caliber. Whoa! This is a one-of-a-kind in my eyes and I have now read it 4 times in the last 3 months and have a pad full of notes. The author gives so many excellent answers I lost count. It'll get you off your spiritual duff, that's for sure because each page has something you've probably never heard before at least that's how it was for me. I really enjoyed how he unravels so many bible mysteries. It's truly a winner and something that everyone needs to read."
 - Stan K. from Columbus, GA

"I truly believe this is a prophetic work and what Dr. McQuate has uncovered is altogether amazing. Thank you for your dedication."
- Evelyn from Marg.

"You'll find the truth you've been looking for in The Tribulation. It's obvious that the truth has been hidden, but that is something I doubted before reading Dr. McQuate's book. It can't be long now until the Father returns. Thank you for what you've done, Dr. McQuate."
 - Marge A. from Pine Bluff, AK

"I have waited for a book like this for 40 years. I love the Lord, but have grown weary of the rhetoric offered by the Pastors I've sat under over the years. I appreciate what Dr. McQuate has written more than I can express. His research gives me the answers that I always knew were there. I have read one book after another in our Bible studies and church groups over the years but nothing that opens the curtain to the truth like this. I believe this man's work is prophetic."
- Mitchell from Gatlinburg, TN

"The Tribulation is truly an awesome read. I will be buying anything written by Dr. Scott McQuate that I can get my hands on."
 - B. Gatton, Memphis, TN

"It really doesn't get much better than this when it comes to reading the truth about the bible and the end times. I've been looking for something like this for years. Solid research that proves my hunch that the truth has been hidden from us. Fantastic book that I recommend with great enthusiasm."
- John Wilson, North Carolina

"The author Dr. Scott McQuate actually took my call when I had a question. What? A 'live' person? you say. Yes and he spent several minutes to kindly answer my questions which I really appreciated. What a wealth of knowledge. I felt like I got schooled, in a good way. This man knows what's going on. I strongly suggest you get this eye-opening book and read it so you can know what's really going on, too. I'm going to also join his teaching website at"
- Jacob, Boston, MA

"After I read this book I wanted to give a copy to every Pastor and Bible school teacher I've ever had. They should make this required reading in Seminaries and Bible schools everywhere! I feel like I learned more about the truth of the end times and how to decipher the Bible from reading this book than from all my years in church and my 4 years at Liberty University. I have a new perspective and it's very exciting. Dr. Scott McQuate, keep up the good work."
- Melinda R., New York, NY

"The Tribulation contains a very well-researched body of knowledge that took me to places I never knew existed. Very interesting information and the author Dr. Scott McQuate teaches what the 'old' Bible stories actually mean for the world today. I heartily recommend this book with 2 thumbs up."
- Mel from Ontario, Canada

"I felt like I got a true education from this book. When you think you're not sure where he's taking you, you just flip the page and he reveals another piece of the hidden puzzle. It still gives me pause when I think of all of the truly important information that the religious leaders and others have kept secret for so long. I'm sure this book is waking more and more people up to that issue though. I sincerely appreciate this man's dedication to research and it's obvious that it's playing an important role at this time."
- Marily S. from Denver, CO

"I bought this book online at the recommendation of a close friend from my church and finished reading it the same day it arrived. That was two weeks ago and it's been on my mind ever since. As a Baptist minister of 20 years I like to think that I have a fairly good grasp on the basics of the Bible and end times issues but I'm truly humbled by what Dr. Scott McQuate has found. He covers a lot of things from the Sumerian language and shows how they relate to the Bible stories in ways that are obviously true, but I have never heard before. And his findings shed a lot of light on biblical eschatology. I was and still am floored. This is one of the most interesting books I've read in over 20 years and for anyone who really cares about the 'good stuff' that you know God has for you but you don't know how to find it, this is the book for you. It's really an eye-opener and I plan on reading his other books. Thank you Dr. McQuate."
- Pastor Jason B from Texas

"The Tribulation by Dr. Scott McQuate is truly a scintillating masterpiece. This book, in my opinion will be a classic. I know the author has written many more books and I plan on getting them all. He definitely has a gift."
- Charlotte J. from Miami, Florida

"I couldn't put this book down. It was the most riveting read I've had I think ever. I have led a Bible study at my church for 12 years and must say that I've embarked into new territory. We will now be studying the works of Dr. Scott McQuate."
- Benjamin K., Idaho

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